Potato Lab Report - Potato/Osmosis Activity

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Water can move through protein channels in cell membrane/cell walls. The water will move due to the water potential of the cells. If there is a greater concentration of solutes (chemicals) inside the cell than outside the cell and the chemicals can not move, then water will respond by moving into the cell. This process involves water gradients called water potentials. If one area has a great deal of water, it has a high water potential. If an area has a great deal of dissolved material (less water) it has a low water potential. Water will attempt to move down it gradient, that is, from high to low water potential. You job is to observe this using potato cores that are placed into various solutions of sugar water. The sugar is too big to easily move through the cell membrane/cell wall. So, depending on the water potential of the cells vs the solution water will move in or out. This lab lets you observe this and determine the concentration of solutes in the potato cells.

Evaluation 1: (What went right and well for you in the activity?)
In this activity, everything went smoothly and according to plan, and the entire group was efficient and on task. The materials were well-organized and put in place whenever needed.

Evaluation 2: (What difficulties did you encounter?)
We had no big difficulties or challenges during this activity, except that we forgot to take pictures for every step of the procedure. We did take photos at essential moments, but not at every step, so it may seem loose or shifting from exercise to exercise in the lab report.

Evaluation 3: (What new knowledge did you gain?)
I truly learned more about osmosis, concentration and cell membranes, and how they work in action. I was able to see the effects of materials moving

Evaluation 4: (What changes would you make next time to enhance the process or learning for yourself?)
The only change I would make to this activity if I were to do it differently another time, would be to have the procedure opened up in front of us, so we could see exactly when we needed to take pictures and when we did not. Other than that, everything else went perfectly according to plan.